Website Monitoring

Unless you are a robot, it is infeasible for you to keep checking your website to see if it is available. Leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind!

SMS/Email Notification

Our system can notify you via SMS or email whenever your website is in trouble. An example of notification looks like below:

Subject: is DOWN

My Website
DOWN at Feb 27 2005 03:55 AM (GMT)
Err: cannot connect to HTTP (port 80)

A notification contains the name of the website, current status, time of incident in your local timezone and relevant error message.

Multi-Protocol Support

We support ping, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, and any arbitrary services running on TCP/IP.

Downtime Notification

Be the first to know when your website or server is in trouble! We notify via email and SMS.

False Alarm Elimination

We monitor your website & servers from a global monitoring network not just to make sure they are UP but also available to worldwide users.

Global Monitoring Locations

We monitor your websites and servers from a network of 13 worldwide monitoring stations. This helps to reduce and eliminate false alarms.
Monitoring Stations

Monitoring Frequency Price Per Year Per URL/Port
1 minute 360
2 minutes 210
3 minutes 150
5 minutes 90
10 minutes 75
15 minutes 60

SMS alerts are are purchased seperately at 20 per 50 SMS messages.

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